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Update: SilverSHielD v6.1.4.134

We are happy to announce that a new version of SilverSHielD is available. The only significant change in this version is the ability to add entire networks and subnets (in the form to the Tarpit.

Fixing SQLite3 Error 8

If you have upgraded SilverSHielD from an old version (5.x or earlier) to the latest version you may see a “SQLite3 Error 8″ message when attempting to save the configuration through the management console, or to apply a new license code.


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Activating license behind a firewall/proxy

SilverSHielD provides two alternative methods for license activation behind a corporate firewall/proxy, or when the server is totally offline (private LAN with no Internet access).

If the Internet is accessible through a proxy, there is a specific configuration panel in the Management Console, as shown in the image below.

Proxy Configuration

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Max number of concurrent clients (and connections per client)

It is very important to understand how the max number of concurrent clients and the max number of concurrent connections per client settings work.

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