Update: SilverSHielD v6.1.6.136

We have just released SilverSHielD version, which comes with a long-awaited and important improvement: the ability to tarpit client IP addresses during the authentication-request phase, and not only during the actual authentication phase.

As many of you know, in fact, the SSH (and therefore the SFTP) protocol requires the client to “requests authentication” first, and only if allowed the client can then perform the actual authentication. This could lead to bots trying to harvest usernames (although it wouldn’t be impossible to harvest their password). This new release totally prevents this kind of behavior.

Warning: if you’re upgrading from a version prior to, installing this new version may lead to loss/invalidation of your license. So if you are a licensed customer, please, contact Extenua before applying this update/upgrade. Thank you.

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