Mapping a user’s home directory to a network share

By design SilverSHielD only accepts local folders (folders located in local logical volumes) as user’s root folder.

Thus, for example:

  • D:\MySFTP\MyUserData is a valid root folder
  • \\sftpdata.mycompany.loc\MyUserData is not a valid root folder

Some users have reported the need to map SilverSHielD users’ root folders to a shared folder located elsewhere on the network (for example on a file server, a NAS or a SAN).

In order to make it possible, the operating system onto which SilverSHielD is installed/running must see such shared folders as local drives. Thus a normal “net use” command will not work for the purpose.

One solution is to map the remote resource as a local hard drive using the iSCSI protocol. In fact, as of Windows XP, the iSCSI initiator is free and can be installed as part of the operating system itself. Once mapped as a local drive, the remote resource can be used as SilverSHielD users’ root folder by using the local “drive letter” associated to it by the iSCSI Initiator.

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