Using the catch-all (*) virtual user to relay authentication to an Active Directory

SilverSHielD v6.0 introduces significant enhancements to user management, especially with regards to its support for Active Directory.

It is possible to authenticate all your AD users in SilverSHielD by creating a special user profile and using * (star, or asterisk) as a username; that user must be allowed to perform password authentication, and the “use Windows/AD account auth” option must be enabled. See the image below for a visual example. Read more

Firewall rules to ensure Cloud2Drive can work

In order to make sure Cloud2Drive works on your endpoint, please, make sure that:

  • There is an exception in your Windows Firewall that allows unrestricted Internet access to the Cloud2Drive main executable (Cloud2Drive.exe); this exception rule is set by the Cloud2Drive installer itself, but in case this doesn’t happen you will need to create such exception manually
  • If you have a network firewall, make sure it allows outbound requests to your cloud storage provider’s servers, and HTTPS (port 443) access to Extenua’s Head Server cluster at

These settings are required to ensure proper operation of the Cloud2Drive agent.

Configuring SilverSHielD to backup your Cisco UC

By default Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) negotiates SFTP protocol version 4 (four) upon connecting to SilverSHielD; however, the use of such protocol version may lead to CUCM being unable to handle the response to the GetAttributes command and eventually the backup may fail.

In order to perform a full and clean backup, the best option is to force CUCM to use the SFTPv3 protocol. This can be done by configuring the proper option in SilverSHielD as shown in the image here below. Read more

How to make SilverSHielD PCI-compliant

Some of our customers operating in specific verticals (especially in the financial sector) need their SSH/SFTP to be PCI compliant.

With SilverSHielD this is just a matter of how you configure it.

In fact, the PCI compliance test performs checks to identify whether or not certain “weak” encryption algorithms are supported. If they are, the test fails.

Therefore you need to disable such weak algorithms, and to do so you have to use the Expert Settings panel. Read more

Making SilverSHielD and WebDrive work together

If you are a WebDrive user, you may have experienced problems connecting to your SilverSHielD server.

Seems like WebDrive tries to use compression in the authentication phase, even when compression is not enabled in the specific WebDrive’s SFTP profile.

So, in order to solve this strange situation, the only thing you can do is enabling Z-Compression on your SilverSHielD server. Doing so will allow WebDrive to connect without any difficulty.